Thursday, 10 November 2011

An introduction to d'Erlanger and Sloan

Hello and welcome to our new blog. 
We want to begin by introducing ourselves and our work at d'Erlanger and Sloan. Nearly four years ago, in January 2008, Anna and I launched our interior design firm, d'Erlanger and Sloan. We aspire to create understated, inspirational interiors. 
Since our first meeting at university we had the vision of combining our styles and aspirations. Sitting in our Edinburgh flat we dreamt of creating beautiful interiors having been inspired by the incredible architecture that surrounded us. We still like nothing more than drawing inspiration from our surroundings, rummaging through antique shops and creating the beautiful out of the unexpected.
We were joined last year by an honorary member, Rafa, Anna's very naughty terrier. He has proved an inspiration in himself. 
We hope to share with you our everyday influences from work and life beyond it. Included will be tricks of the trade, our favourite interior hunting grounds and updates on the life of an interior designer. 
Here are a few images from the last few years. We hope you like them, please feel free to leave comments. We look forward to hearing your thoughts. If you see anything you like (all these are items we have sourced or bespoke designed) or have any questions please feel free to e-mail us.

Rafa's first few days at work, sitting on Anna's work...


  1. Hi, where does the pagoda wallpaper come from?

  2. Hello,
    This wonderful paper is from de Gournay (
    who make amazing hand painted papers.
    They paint onto varying different surfaces but this one is painted onto silk (icefield 48 dyed silk). The design is called Oriental Landscape, we opted for the standard design colour.
    If you have an awkwardly shaped space they can also custom design the illustration to fit the space.
    Hope this helps...

  3. Thanks for the info! I'll have a look at their Paris showroom -- I absolutely love it!

  4. Fantastic, let us know how you get on! Or pictures of it gracing your walls! It really is stunning